Cox Extends

Well the shows are all selling out in New Zealand so we’ve added two more on the 14th and 15th May. Full details can be found here. You can also watch me on the news in New Zealand here, and check out the Gala where I read Rove’s mind online over here, but only if you’re in New Zealand. We’ll get it on the Videos page soon. Finally see me on Campbell Live here.

Chris On TV

Well Mind Over Patter has now officially opened in Auckland and is already selling out and getting great reviews. Full details are on the LIVE page as usual. If you can’t make the shows then you can see Chris on the Comedy Festival Gala on TV3 this Wednesday evening in New Zealand as he mind-reads Rove… assuming he makes the final cut of course. He’ll also be popping up on Cambell Live this week as well.

NZ Big Shows

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re well… thought I’d let you know how the shows are going now that I’ve officially opened. Had a great first night, sold out, the theatre is very big so my legs are hurting due to so much walking around the stage. Auckland is lovely as usual, I’m eating nice food and hanging out with nice people from the comedy festival.

On Thursday Night I did the 5 Star Comedy Preview at a 700 seater theatre and stormed it, then last night (Friday) I did the NZ Comedy Gala in the biggest theatre in New Zealand, it seats 2300 and the show was recorded for TV and will be going out next week.. I’ll be sure to send you the youtube link. It went really well, I had to do a very tight 4 minutes, so that was tough. I used Rove who was the host, he’s huge out here, their Jonathan Ross basically, tricked went very well, he was freaked out and wrote some nice stuff on twitter about it… so did Rhys Derby off of Flight Of the Conchords, he said ‘you were wonderful as usual! Go see Chris Cox!’ that’s pretty cool. I also got to meet the Ave Q puppets and got a photo with them and the make-up people said I had very good skin. I do realise these two things sound a bit gay. There are some photos here

So that’s it… a day off on Sunday then back to shows on Monday for my last week here before going out to Australia for a few weeks.. although there’s already talk of me returning here for a few extra shows at the end of the festival.

Another New Zealand Update

Hi Everyone,

Hope you’re all well. I’m currently in Paihia which is in the very north of the north island and the gateway to the Bay Of Islands. I have 4 days off between previews and the main shows so thought I’d come up here and top up my tan as it’s sunny.

So Auckland is lovely, a real nice city, getting to hang out with lots of cool people who’ve been to see my show or other comedians, looking forward to returning there and exploring it more. I went to the sunny but windy Mission Bay which is about 10 mins from the city centre and feels like South Beach and drove to the top of Mt Eden a volcano which isn’t disrupting flights but does offer amazing views over the city. Photos as always are on Facebook.

I’ve been doing loads of TV and Radio interviews for my shows, including the New Zealand version of T4, and the first three previews went really rather well on the whole, a few little changes still needed but the ones I’ve made have really improved the whole thing. I’m getting big laughs and lots of gasps, so am delighted about that. Also getting huge huge huge rounds of applause at the end, the kiwi audience is a very friendly and giving one. I like them.

Today I went up 1200 feet on NZ’s highest parasail over the bay of islands getting the most stunning views. It doesn’t feel that high and is hugely relaxing. Then I chilled out on a beach listening to podcasts and am now just freshening up before going out for what I’ve been told will be the best seafood dinner I’ve ever had. I’ll let you know.

Chris x

Hello New Zealand

Alright there?

Hope you’re super well. I’m in New Zealand right now about to start performing at the New Zealand International Comedy Festival. How exciting. If you’re on this side of the world why not come along and see me? All the dates are at my LIVE page so have a little look.

Be sure to find me after the show and say hello, and then you will get a free I Love Cox badge. Aren’t I bloody lovely to you.

Big Hugs

Chris x