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In case you haven’t been over to the LIVE page recently then you’ll not have noticed that I will be on tour during March performing Mind Over Patter.

On tour the show will be two acts, featuring Mind Over Patter plus some bonus tricks, in London (from the 8th to 14th March) it’ll just be the full hour. Here’s the blurb… I hope to see you there.

FACT 1: Chris Cox can’t read minds.

FACT 2: There’s no such thing as mindreading.

FACT 3: Watching this show will make you doubt the above facts.

Chris Cox is one of the most unique acts in British entertainment and his live shows have become the stuff of legend.

His electric mix of contemporary mindreading, psychology, body language, magic, illusion and humour has spawned four Edinburgh Fringe shows, one UK tour and two West End shows, and earned a heap of four- and five-star reviews, three Edinburgh Fringe Awards, 2007/08/09 sell-out shows, numerous TV and radio appearances and a growing army of celebrity fans.

This will be Chris’s last UK tour for a while as he concentrates on developing projects for American TV. Don’t miss the chance to see one of the stars of the future in your local Picturehouse.

Chris to perform in Soho Magic Night

Stand by for some exciting news about a tour in March and international shows in April but here’s another chance to get your Cox fix after his two sell out shows at the Uppingham Theatre.

‘Magic Night’
@ Madame  JoJo’s

Friday, 5th February

Magic Night goes Mentalist!

Magic Night goes mentalist with some killer mind reading, multiple   personas, predicting news, balloon heads and some sexy strumming   ukeleles!

Chris Cox will be using mind reading, psychology and lying whilst trying to influence you and be your friend in order to stroll through  your head and reveal what’s on your mind. (Don’t think anything dirty!) Whilst Anil Desai hilariously morphs into every famous person  you’ve ever met and vintage siren Tricity Vogue strums a storm of
romantic misadventure with her Ukelele.

So come along to one of London’s most dynamic and exciting entertainment haunts, Madame JoJo’s, and see why this night continues  to be one of the best contemporary cabaret nights on the circuit –  with incredible and cutting edge magic acts and some of the best  cabaret in town.
Doors open 7.00pm | Show starts at 7.45pm

Tickets £10 or supper and show ticket: show ticket plus dinner for  two: £40
Tickets can be bought at Ticket Web or call Ticket Web on 08444 77 1000

Madame JoJo’s
8-10 Brewer Street,
London W1F OSP
020 7734 3040

If It Starts, It’s Going To End Sometime.

So as another year flutters into the past and a new one comes looming up on us like some sort of fruit of the loom, it allows us some moments to take stock of what has gone before and set out our desires for what is to come. It’s just part of a never ceasing cycle of beginnings and endings.

Things must end for others to begin, a popular wisdom which gives us solace and comfort in the times when something stops before you were quite ready for it to end, before you wanted it to, or before you felt your time was up. Of course the notion of the statement is true, things constantly start, new and exciting things fill the voids in our lives left by previous ends, as we move on, grow up and learn how to live. But, and yes you’ll have to forgive me for stating a sentence with but, that doesn’t ever make endings any easier. Yes of course we move on, time allows for wondrous things, but, as I’ve mentioned in previous blogs, we spend so much of our lives looking back, that the endings start to add up, and questions in our heads arise as to what path our lives might be on should that ending have not occurred so soon. For every decision we make, we cut a thousands strings, block off a thousand paths, and change a thousand courses, and we can never know what might have been on that path, and such is a frustration of life.

There are times in our lives where we are desperate for something to end, we are willing it to stop so we can get on with what we want to do…see the final part of The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy for an example. Equally there are times where you never want something to halt. Time plays tricks on us, the things that last forever are those you want to fly by, the things that zip along and constantly run away from your grasp are the ones you want to savour every second of, ones you want to burn memories into your retina, ones where you can be yourself, and be a happy soul. We learn from an early age that life is about beginnings and endings, from the end written at the back of a book, to once upon a time at the beginning, we know nothing can last forever, so why do we then spend our lives searching out foreverness? What? Yes I know that’s not a word, leave me alone will you.

I’m not searching foreverness, I’m searching for things that I desire now, for things that make my life better right now and things that will make me smile, however it leads me to question what I do as a performer. In the song, ‘Fame’, they say ‘I’m going to live forever.’ Of course their not but through fame you can live on forever. I recently saw the superb ‘Morecambe’ in the West End, a show about a comedian whose living forever in the laughter and memories of millions. You can live forever through fame. Of course I don’t do what I do for fame. I perform because if I didn’t do that I don’t know what else I’d do. I’m at my most comfortable on stage, it’s where I feel home, I do it because I love it, any fame is a slightly odd, yet rather flattering, by-product of me just doing what I do.

If you happened to see my show last year you’ll know the word THE END plays an important part in the conclusion of my show, a moment where everything starts to come together, where audiences realise that a visit to the toilet is now only seconds away, and hopefully a moment that allows what has come before it to sink into the minds of those who have seen it. It’s a moment I love, and a moment that reminds me, that not all endings are bad.

Friends tell us our lives are on the up, that this is our year, that things are going to change, that we might get what we want, that satisfaction is just a heartbeat away, but do they honestly believe it? How can they know. No one can, the only thing we can rely on is that eventually we’ll turn the page, in whatever we’re doing in life to find 6 little letters spelling out two words, two words that sometimes allow you sigh with relief that it’s over or cry with sadness that it’s done. T H E.  E N D.

Of course, that’s not the end though.. It’s just the beginning.

Except in the case of this blog, where it is actually the end.

Best Bits In Brighton

Hello one and all,

Firstly a very Happy New Year to you. Excitingly you’ll get to see a lot of my shows in 2010. There’s the run in London in March and soon I’ll be announcing my tour dates. However if you want to see me perform a few old classics and a couple of the best bits from the last Edinburgh show then I’ll be performing in Komedia in Brighton on the 11th January as part of Steve Dela’s “Fantasmagoria.” You can buy tickets here.