London Is Funny: 10 Questions

10 Questions with… Chris Cox

Chris Cox is Radio 1’s resident magician and was a part of the BAFTA-nominated team on the BBC’s Merlin, so this chap knows what he’s doing. And what you’re doing. And what you’re thinking. Or does he…?

What is your show (Chris Cox – Mind Over Patter) about?

About me proving I’m a mind-reader who can’t read minds, by attempting to do make my audience mind-readers and do some of the stuff I’d really do if I could really do this stuff. You know – just your usual mind-reading related nonsense.

Why did you decide to do a show about this?
It’s loosely based on the questions people always ask me about what I can do, so I’m trying to do a trick to answer each question – things like, “are you amazing at dating” (obvious answer is no. Have you seen me?!).

How ready is it?
Pretty ready.

If your show was a dog, what kind of dog would it be?

A bloody good dog. Is that good enough for you? Or is it too rough… ruff… get it… ruff.. like a dog’s bark… ah forget it.

Complete this sentence: “If you like (blank) then you’ll like my show”

“If you like life then you’ll like my show… or if you like mind reading type things. Or simply, if you like Cox then you’ll like my show. Hoorah! A pun!

Is the Edinburgh Comedy Award important to you?
Of course so VERY VERY important (I’m assuming by saying this I’m now pretty much a shoe in for winning it yeah?)

Which other acts would you recommend this year?
The rather fab Pappy’s Fun Club, the always brilliant Axis Of Awesome and Daniel Kitson of course. And Mark Watson when he’s doing his little bits of fun.

What is the most frightening thing about the Edinburgh Festival?
Your credit card bill at the end of the month.

Any tips on where to get the best pint or pie in Edinburgh?

Theres a pub called the Blue Monkey or Drum and Monkey or something like that, it’s got monkey in the title, on Drummond Street. You used to be able to get pie and beans for £1, last year I noticed it was £1.50 though so didn’t bother. There’s a bloody credit crunch on don’t forget.

Sum up the festival in one word

Costly or magical. Pick whichever one you want.

ThreeWeeks: Quick Quiz

ThreeWeeks’ favourite mind-reader (probably) magically answers the Quick Quiz

One of the rising stars of the Fringe magic circle – if such a thing exists – Chris Cox specialises in reading minds, which is all the more impressive since he’s adamant he can’t actually read minds. Though this year he’s going to teach his audience how to be mind-readers. Despite the not reading minds thing. I think it’s all to do with science. Magical science, obviously. Anyway, if none of that makes sense, just go and see the show and then in might do. Or, if nothing else, you should be able to tap into my mind and work out what it was I was trying to say in the first place. But before that, see what Chris himself is trying to say…

Q1: What is your 2009 show all about?
It’s more mind-reading related nonsense but this year I’m trying to make my audience the mind-readers and make an imperfect world slightly more perfect. Also there’s a big surprise ending (“oooooooOOooOoOo”).

Q2: Why should we come and see it?
Why shouldn’t you come see it? More all new mind-reading fun, some tips to help you make your life more magical, and plenty of puns on the fact my surname sounds like another word for a penis.

Q3: If your show was a superhero, what would his or her super power be?
To not have to wear lycra as my superhero clothing of choice. Or the power to read minds. Obviously.

Q4: What are you most looking forward to about this year’s Edinburgh Festival?
Seeing other shows, the beautiful weather, going from feeling demoralised to ecstatic in two minutes and laughing a lot. One of these things isn’t true. Can you guess which one it is?

Q5: What are you least looking forward to about this year’s Edinburgh Festival?
The beautiful weather. There we go. Not only did I answer the question but also gave the answer to my previously posed question. Horray.

Q6: What advice would you give to an audience member coming to the Fringe for the first time?
Take a chance on seeing random shows that you’re given flyers for, talk to flyerers, and see as many shows as physically possible, you can’t do it anywhere else.

Q7: Other than your own show, what’s your hot show tip for Edinburgh 2009?
I’m looking forward to Pappy’s Fun Club’s new show, Mark Watsons 24 hour marathon and Sammy J.

Q8: Describe your show in three words
Mind reading cox. Or… Mindful fantastic fun.

New Site Action

Well look at this, isn’t it all fancy looking at stuff? It’s my fab new website, perfect for all lovers of cox, mind-reading without reading minds and cox related puns. Huzzah.

So is now home to all your Chris Cox needs. Hope you enjoy the site. My huge thanks go to the rather fab Linzy who made the site and as such is almost as magical as me. But not quite.

Enjoy, have a look around, and let me know what you think. Hope to see you at the shows in Edinburgh.

Chris x

4 Previews To Go


Yes I know, I’m sorry, I’ve not blogged for a bit, but it’s not officially Edinburgh yet so this is all like ‘bonus blog’ so you just count yourselves lucky yeh?

I’m still in the middle of show previews. I scarily only have 4 left before heading up to Edinburgh, and the show is still too long. Got the next one this coming Saturday at The Pleasance in Islington then 3

Read more

One of the top 100 shows

Ohhhh this is exciting. Mind Over Patter has been picked as one of the TOP 100 SHOWS for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival by The Scotsman. Yay!

They say “Very much in the Derren Brown mould of debunking psychics with his mind reading abilities, the likeably mischievous Cox eschews the creepiness of many of his illusionist peers. This year, he’s going to be passing on his skills for the audience to use in the home, workplace and dating arena.”

Why not come see it from the 5 – 31 August at 8.30pm in the Pleasance Dome. You can buy tickets here.